Reusable container program - setup fee

Reusable container program - setup fee

Reusable container program - setup fee

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Why a setup fee to join the reusable container program?

For each subscriber, we buy a double set of containers and a double set of insulated bags, so we can send them back and forth to your home. The fee covers the cost of one set and once in a while, we buy a new set or new lids (as they get used quite a bit).

We really hope you will help us make this transition and help us save 208 single-use containers that a subscriber goes through in a year - even though it's recyclable, it's still single-use, definitely not the best alternative.

How does the program work?

Once you're enrolled in the reusable container program, you will start receiving your microgreens in reusable, durable, BPA-free food containers and they will be swapped every Friday during our deliveries.

We will wash and sanitize them for you! No hassle! 

What do you need to do?

All we ask is that:

1) you use them exclusively for your microgreens, not adding other food products, to avoid cross-contamination!

2) quickly rinse them once empty, to make it easier for our team to wash and sanitize them.

3) remember to place them outside (front door, porch, whenever you chose to receive your package) so we can collect them while delivering a fresh harvest!


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