Subscription Program

The most fun, flavourful, and easy way to eat your greens (consistently).

You will fall in love with your greens.

We created this program so you would never get bored with greens again and finally stick with the healthy habit of having veggies and herbs in every meal. Learn more about the program here!

Subscription Program
Subscription Program
Subscription Program
Subscription Program
Subscription Program

Subscription Program

Subscription Program

Receive 4 different varieties of microgreens on each delivery. Unlock your access to all varieties and discover a world of amazing flavours!
  • 4 different varieties of microgreens on each delivery
  • a monthly surprise local taste
  • delivered at your doorstep
  • access to our reusable container program

Large package:

  • 3 x large containers of vegetable microgreens (50g each)
  • 1 x small container of a herb or specialty microgreen (25g)

Approx. 175g total per delivery

Small package:

  • 3 x small containers of vegetable microgreens (25g each)
  • 1 x small container of a herb or specialty microgreen (25g)

Approx. 100g total per delivery

Package Size
Regular price $30.00

Deliveries are always on Fridays. Our driver will drop your package at your doorstep and you will receive SMS notifications so you know when we are coming and once your package is delivered.

We currently don't charge a delivery fee from our subscribers.

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  • Available to the entire Windsor-Essex region.


Surprise Local Taste

Subscription Add-ons

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Reusable containers

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Why be a subscriber

There's no better feeling than keeping the promises we make with ourselves. Stick to a healthy eating habit without even thinking about it, knowing there will be fresh greens coming to your doorstep every week.

Why Microgreens

Highly nutrient-dense greens that are easy to add to every meal, making it easy to stick to healthy eating habits.

The most convenient and delicious way of (consistently) eating greens, veggies, and herbs.

It balances all your meals and it will increase your daily fibre intake.

Get your micronutrients, like vitamins and minerals, through real food (not just pills).

Don't take our word for it

Well what can I say. I love getting my microgreens delivered every week. They have been an addition to every dinner. Sometimes as a complimentary and beautiful garnish and sometimes just “dumped on” indiscriminately whatever I’m eating!

Janice F.
Kingsville, ON

There’s so much to like about microgreens. Every day we add fresh colour, new flavours and nutrients to our diet. You’ve provided health information and recipes as well as tutorials like the pesto event. Any questions are promptly answered. The service is great.

Marilyn G.
Kingsville, ON

Microgreens provide excellent nutritional benefits. Product is always fresh—superior to similar products sold in supermarkets. Assurance of the absence pesticides, herbicides, etc. from products. Convenience in that the product is delivered. Frequent bonus items from local businesses (such a great way to try their products—free is charge!)

Jacqueline L.
Kingsville, ON

Outside of the health benefits, which are tremendous! Having purchased microgreens from several other local sources, both in grocery stores and direct from the farm, I have yet to find another source of greens as fresh as Ortaliza. I also love the variety we get every week, as someone who eats mostly plant based, having unique flavours to play and create with every week, helps to keep food boredom at bay! Besides the convenience, you can’t really buy greens at the grocery stores here, at least not the same quality. I also really love the local flavour samples we get every month.  Nutrition has become such an important consideration in my daily life, knowing that I’m buying products from farmers who feel the same way let’s me know that you don’t treat your crops like they are going to be a garnish on a burger, you treat them and grow them as if they are the main course, with hand trimming and peak harvesting. It gives me confidence that the nutrients I get from my Ortaliza orders are always the highest quality.

Adam C.
Windsor, ON

When we first read about Ortaliza and their vertical growing, it peaked our interest, as we grow our own vegetables, but don't have a lot of luck with leafy greens. After our first visit, we were hooked! Microgreens are an easy way to add flavor, nutrients and style to your meal. I enjoy cooking and I am a little bit of a foodie. Since we have been adding the microgreens, we have been more creative with our cooking & the way we plate our meals. This has also helped us to eat smaller portions and started to lose weight.  As our lives get more hectic, it is so nice to be a subscriber and receive our order weekly, delivered to me at work or home. Even the ability to put a pause on our order while we are away. Carina & Alvaro are so friendly, have so much knowledge of their product and you can see how much they love what they do! We love our microgreens so much  we had to find a restaurant in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia that served them!!!

Nancy M.
Leamington, ON

We love the greens. We eat them daily. Love the variety. Delivery is fantastic as is the customer service.  We do want to come visit your farm soon.

Krista C.
Wheatley, ON

Love the product and the convenience :)

Corey I.
Kingsville, ON

Ortaliza microgreens (so many varieties) are super fresh, healthy, and very tasty. They are delivered very promptly with a quick text before hand specifying the exact time. Carina and her husband are wonderfully warm, friendly, and accommodating. It is a pleasure to deal with them. For the two of us, my husband and myself, the quantity of greens is very generous, and we have recently begun receiving them every second week which suits us just fine. The variety from week to week is also much appreciated.

Carolyn S.
Kitchener, ON

This is my second week with the Ortaliza microgreens subscription service and my wife and I love it! The greens are just plain delicious and amazing - I can’t imagine how they could be more fresh. I appreciate the reminder by text a little while in advance of delivery so I have the reusable containers on the porch ready for pick up when the new order is delivered - what a great service! I highly commend Ortaliza to anyone looking for fresh greens at a reasonable price and with superb, friendly service!

Randy H.
Windsor, ON
Superfood Tea Blend
Add a healthy treat to your next delivery, like this delicious Ashwagandha + Chill Superfood Tea Blend made in Ontario.
Cheezy Swwet Potato Crackers
A healthy snack for help with that afternoon craving or add to your microgreens salad for an extra crunch.


It's always a surprise list of varieties you will get every week. But we build it in a balanced way so you can enjoy your microgreens in different ways or even mix them all up into a nice salad. We always include mild ones (perfect for kids and daily smoothies), something a little bolder (some heat), and a nice herb or specialty.

We built the program in a way to encourage you to try different varieties, so you can add different nutrients and flavour profiles to your meals. But please let us know if you have any special requests, we will be in touch an try to accomodate.

Let us know if you ever receive a variety that you really don't like. We'll add a note to your file so we don't send it again.

We want you to be able to try different flavour, discover what you love the most, find different ways of eating them, and never get bored of eating greens again! That's why we don't mix them all up, but you can certainly do so if you'd like to!

Definitely! This is a self-managed program. You will be able to skip a week, pause (let's say you're going on a vacation for a few weeks), or even cancel it by yourself through your customer portal.

No. This is not like a gym membership :) you only pay for what you get!

Do you have more questions?

We are here to help you, so just shoot us a message via the "Chat with us" button on the bottom right corner of the website or send us an email to