What are microgreens

Microgreens are young and tender vegetables or herbs, harvested a few days or weeks after germination when the cotyledons (embryonic leaves) are fully developed and the first true leaves may be emerging.

Plants Growth Cycles

Microgreens are not different plants that you might be already familiar with. They are a stage of a plant's growth cycle and the one we specialize in growing and harvesting for all of our varieties. Why? Because at the microgreen stage, they are more flavourful, more nutrient-dense, and much easier to eat and add to every meal!

Microgreens are not sprouts

Microgreens and sprouts are different stages of a plant's life, and they have significant differences. Sprouts are the earliest stage, right after the seeds germinate, they don't require light to grow and they don't have leaves developed yet. They're usually pale and consist of seeds, root, and stem.

Microgreens are more developed than sprouts, once germinated, they are exposed to grow lights until they develop their first leaves (embryonic leaves), and maybe even their first true leaf. They are colourful, much more flavourful, and consist of leaves and stems.

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Micro in Size, Mighty in Nutrients

Worldwide research has shown that microgreens generally present significantly higher nutritional concentration when compared to mature leaves - up to 40 times in some cases. These mighty greens are your natural source of vitamins and minerals.

Flavour, Colours, and Textures

Microgreens are amazingly flavourful and such an easy way to add that extra pop of taste to every meal. They can be the main character in an awesome salad or they can balance out that yummy pizza or burger on a Friday night!

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