Green Goddess Sandwich

Recipe by Rosa from Recipes by Rosa

Life is like a sandwich - the more you add to it, the better it becomes. 


Toasted Everything Bagel

Cucumber slices 

Avocado slices

1 handful of Ortaliza Micro Pac Choi Red

Spinach leaves or other mild microgreens

Artichoke and Asiago spread

Bouquet of basil and chive Boursin cheese

How to:

  1. Toast bagel bread if desired. 
  2. Spread Boursin cheese on one slice of bread and artichoke Asiago spread on the other slice.
  3. Place avocado on bread, mashing it into sandwiches if desired. 
  4. This helps the sandwich to stay together better. 
  5. Layer cucumber slices, spinach leaves and microgreens.

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